Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LA Marathon

So for the past several months I have been training to run the 25th L.A. Marathon on March 21st, 2010! I have been fitting in my run time where I can and last Sunday got in the car, drove, parked at a local High School and ran home. 15 miles! That is where I am at for distance at the moment. I am amazed at what my body can do, amazed that I find the time to train, run a business, take care of my family and all the other responsibilities of mommy hood. It is a goal I set for myself two years ago when training for L.A. in 2006 I found out I was pregnant with Aja and Syd. So all training stopped then. Then last year I ran the Palm Springs half Marathon 13.1 miles and now in 59 days I will be running the Mother of them all 26.2 miles! It's exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. A friend of mine (Hailey) suggested I put a count down on my blog up until race day. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers through this journey, that I stay healthy, injury free and have peace of mind. I am thrilled that I am going to be a part of this amazing race!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

This will be my New Years post for 2010 since we did a pretty low key celebration this year. Home with the kids and date night the Saturday after. As I reflect on the past year a lot has taken place. I am so very thankful for what the Lord has blessed us and continues to bless us with. The thing I look most to this year is family time and just being silly with the kids. All three of them have grown so much and are so different in their very own ways. I feel so blessed to be a Mother and get to share in their vast imaginations and sweet, warmth of their love.

a.k.a- Monkey, Dudy, Dudy Bug, Monks, Sagey, Dudders

Interests: Thomas the Train, Lighting McQueen, playing wii, painting, drawing, reading stories, going to the park, turkey dogs, cinnamon toast, apple juice, lunch meat.

Sage has grown so much in this past year. His speech is wonderful and he is communicating so well. He is so sweet and a Mamma's Boy. He likes to help be the enforcer when it comes to his sisters getting into something they shouldn't. He loves to help in any way he can.

a.k.a- Craja, peanut, wild child, Sissy

Interests:Dora the Explorer, Woody, painting, dancing, baby dolls, dress up, food, playing in dirt outside, collecting things, nutri grain bars, fruit snacks, Cheerios.

Aja is our free spirited, strong willed child. She is very high energy and loves to play and climb. She has a temper which results in a high pitch scream that Mommy and Daddy love so much.(We're working on that)loves to play tea party and kitchen with her sissy and is a total people person.

a.k.a.- Syder Beans, Syd, Sissy, Princess, Bean Beans, Syders

Interests:Dora the Explorer, Buzz Light year, Baby Dolls, playing tea party with sissy, reading, painting, drawing, reading stories, dancing, her blanket, goldfish, string cheese, apples, fruit snacks.

Sydney is cautious, she loves to observe. She loves singing to songs. She is very sensitive and wants to be held. She's the talker and articulates herself very well.She's our girly, girl and anytime she puts a dress on she says "look I'm a Princess"

Painting is fun, painting with some of their new paints they got from Grandma for Christmas. Here's to a great New Year!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

December 2009

December 17

Our wonderful most amazing son turned 4! I can't believe it...His last day of school before Christmas break was on his birthday so I took in goodie bags and cupcakes for him and his class. Then on Saturday we went to Chuck E Cheeses with just our family to celebrate.

December 25 Merry Christmas-

We had a wonderful, blessed Christmas with family and Aaron surprised us with a trip to Disneyland. Aaron and I both hadn't been in over ten years and of course it was a first for the kids. It was busier than ever but we had such a great time. We stayed at the Anaheim Marriott and Aaron surprised the kids with their very own sleeping bags to camp out in in the hotel room. We cannot wait to go back and definitely make a weekend of it next time. Thank you Aaron for always taking so much time and care to plan and surprise us any way you can. You're the best Husband and Daddy! We are so blessed that you are all ours.

November 2009

November 4, 2009

Aaron celebrates his 32nd birthday! I surprised him with a wonderful night out at the Rancho Las Palmas resort for a special four course meal "Taste of the Islands". Complete with Polynesian dancers and wonderful food,the night was a perfect date night that actually took place on Aaron's birthday.

October 2009

October 2009-

A visit to Riley's Farm for some apple picking. We got to pick some yummy fruit and play around, it was a beautiful day and the kids loved going through the strawberry patch.

October 24-

I planned for over a year with the help of a great group of friends our 10 year High School Reunion. It was an amazing night shared with great friends. It enabled me to reconnected with so many wonderful people and meet their spouses and children, we truly had a great reunion weekend! Looking forward to our 15 yr. since we decided waiting until our 20th would be too long of a wait.


Bake sale for the BOO BASH at Sage's school. I chaired a bake sale for Sage's pre-school class and all of the parents baked home made goodies to sell. All of the proceeds went to school supplies.

October 31-

Halloween at Southwest Community Church is always a great time. Sage wanted to be a fireman for the second year in a row and Aja and Sydney were Princesses.